Founded in1989, Historic Designs, Inc.
has been serving the Atlanta market for over 30 years.


Historic Designs crafts your dreams into reality.

Jim Eigel has been a master builder in the high-end residential construction business for over 25 years. He has been at the helm of Historic Designs Incorporated since 2001.

Honest, straight-forward, and transparent with the building process, Jim has constructed over 30 new homes in the one to three million dollar price range. He has done dozens of major remodels on million dollar plus properties.

Jim’s capacity for listening and understanding home-owner’s hopes and concerns has been the strength of his career. His on-site management ensures quality worthy of his Client’s investment. His attention to detail and an experienced understanding of ever-changing best practices ensure Client’s dreams become a reality. Spanning his long career, Jim has built collaborative relationships with the best tradespeople in the industry. Homes built by Historic Designs are not only superior quality, but stand the test of time.

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